Cisco Aironet 1200 and ssid


I've a Cisco Aironet 1200.

The configuration is good.

I have 2 SSID, in 2 différents VLAN with an authentication by radius.

All works fine when i see the wireless network but :

I don't always see the SSID.

Sometime i've see one, sometime the other, sometime none. Never both.

I've test with guest-mode but i can not apply this in 2 SSID (only on one).

What can i do to see both of SSID configure on the AP 1200 ?

Thanks a lot,


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to make both SSIDs public you have to work with the command "mbssid"

like the following:

dot11 ssid TEST1 mbssid guest-mode

dot11 ssid TEST2 mbssid guest-mode

and then you have to enable mbssid globally on your radio-interface:

interface Dot11Radio0 mbssid ssid TEST1 ssid TEST2

hope that helps

Greetz Eric

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bt a écrit :

Thanks a lot, that's work fine now :D

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