Cisco 837 - 12.4 - MRTG monitoring stopped?

Hi all,

I'm running 12.4 (7), having upgraded from 12.3(11).

Under 12.3 I used to monitor ATM (ADSL) and Ethernet throughput using:

Target[atm0]: 1:public@ Title[atm0]: Cisco 837 - ADSL (ATM0)


Target[eth0]: 2:public@ Title[eth0]: Cisco 837 - Ethernet (Eth 0)

Both these are now returning zeros.

Other values (such as sync rate) are returning correct data, albeit using slightly different OID values from before.

Is there a different way to do this in 12.4? If there's an OID can somebody suggest what it might be?

Many thanks,


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Jim Willsher
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Oops, my fault.

1:public should now be 5:public. The interface numbers seem to hve changed.

All working now.


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