Cisco 4500m router. Trouble routing between inferfaces

Hello ALL,

I am trying to route between three interfaces on a 4500m router. Here is the senario;

INT E0/0 IP: DHCP fm ISP NAT outside

INT E1/0 IP: NAT inside

INT E2/0 IP: Nat inside

I can ping all hosts on both networks and am able to get to the internet from all host on both networks. What I can not do is see the other computers in Windows network neighborhood.

The hosts I do see are only the hosts on that particualr network, ie; any host on will see hosts only on that network and not on the network and vice versa.

I have enabled IP routing and what does not make sense to me is the fact that I can ping all hosts from any other host.

Maybe some insight on this will help me out. I know I am missing something but what ?

Thanks, Rick

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Windows network neighborhood info is carried via NETBIOS over TCP/IP. NETBIOS name advertisements are send to IP bradcast address

Load Ethereal unto one of your PC and you can see this NETBIOS name traffic

IP broadcast traffic is NOT routed beyond the local IP subnet. Thus network neighbourhood will not function in a routed environment.


  1. implement WINS
  2. Use LMHOSTS file on each PC
  3. access resource via their IP address
  4. try configuring IP helper-address command to helper to directed-broadcast address on other segment
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Thanks Merv, That was the small piece of info I was missing. I guess I can configure WINS and see what that will do.

Thanks aga> > I can ping all hosts on both networks and am able to get to the

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