have corporate network built with vpn through internet, mainly cisco 1721 and 805. traffic is for mail, http, ftp and main online accounting client/server application. since main app is time critical, is it possible to devote guarrantied bandwith to application's traffic request as priority? various mail or http requests may wait, but accounting app not. accounting app traffic is recognized by tcp/ip port used.

thanks for comments.

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yes, you'd probably want to investigate low latency queuing. usually used for voip.

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Stuart Wilcox

BUT - your priority settings will only affect your routers - once the packets are launched into the big, bad Internet, then they probably get no special QoS treatment.

So if a dozen of your sites send 500 Kbps each to a central site with a 1.5 Mbps line - 75% of all the packets will get thrown away on the final hop out of the internet into the central site, and you have no real influence on which ones.

QoS settings on the routers sending the traffic into the Internet cant control this kind of contention inside the cloud unless the cloud supports QoS.

if you need QoS to make your apps work, then you either need some sort of enhanced service from your ISP (and probably a common ISP for all the sites), or throttle traffic to limit contention, or maybe a private network.

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thanks, but my network is primarily "vpn", i mean, we have "traced" fixed guarantied bandwith through internet through tunnels. my concern is bandwith distribution inside that vpn.


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