Cisco 1801 for use on cable internet?

Hi All, I'm thinking of getting a Cisco 1801 for a home lab, currently my Internet is provided by cable so its Ethernet presented, but I may be moving to ADSL in a few months time.

The 1801 has 1 ADSL over POTS port and 1 10/100 FE WAN Ports, but is the Fast Ethernet WAN port configurable for what I want and not as a backup to the DSL wan port?

Is the 1801 ok for my current and possible future needs?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.



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The 1801 really has two FastEthernet ports. One labelled "WAN" and one plugged into an 8-port switch for the "inside", in addition to its ADSL port.

Cisco doesn't care what you do with the ports, they happily push packets which-ever way you tell it to, none of them are tied to a certain function other than the silkscreened name on them.

You could run a DMZ off the "WAN" port, or do whatever you configure the box to do. (Although the SDM might have issues doing things not imagined by its creators, if you get into the CLI, you can do anything).

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