Change native VLAN on ASA 5520

Hello. I need to connect a Cisco ASA 5520 firewall to a Cisco 2950 switch using a trunk port. The 2950 switch is not under my control (I have no access to it) and it uses

801 as native Vlan. Is there a way to change the native vlan of the interface on the ASA 5520 firewall so that it matches the native vlan of the switch? The command "switchport trunk native vlan" command on asa 5520 doesn't exist...

During some session tests, I connected a 3750 switch to the 2950 using a trunk port, and then connected a pc client to another 3750 port configured on vlan 801. I noticed that if I configure the native vlan 801 on the 3750 trunk port connected to the 2950, then I can reach other devices connected to the 2950 from the pc, while if the native vlan on the trunk port is 1 then I can't reach them.

So, due to the fact that on ASA 5520 the native vlan is 1 (probably.... I'm not sure about that), I need to change it to 801 to make it work, right? How can I do it?

Thank you very much. Roberto

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Roberto Bazzano
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You can use the comand vlan 801

but it only work on sub-interface, so you would need to create a sub-interface and transfer the config from the interface to it.

ex: reference:

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Examples The following example assigns VLAN 101 to a subinterface:

hostname(config)# interface gigabitethernet0/0.1 hostname(config-subif)# vlan 101 hostname(config-subif)# nameif dmz1 hostname(config-subif)# security-level 50 hostname(config-subif)# ip address hostname(config-subif)# no shutdown

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