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I encountered a a CCNA question referrring to the following scenario:

An organization has one router that is its border with the outside world. The gateway router is connected to three internal routers. Only the internal routers have feeds to hosts.

NAT needs to be implemented and all the hosts need to be put into a private address space.

The question is whether one should implement NAT on the gateway router, or implement NAT once on each interior router.

I thought the ease of centralized administration would make the single router approach the best.

What is the "correct" answer?


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I would NAT on the gateway router as well but I'm not sure what the "correct" answer is? It's one of those stupid questions where the answer is more of a matter of someone's opinion that anything else.

We have this same set up in a number of customer premises and the gateway always performs NAT for any internal networks. As you say, it makes administration much easier and you do not need to NAT between subnets, only as traffic enters the public domain via the gateway.


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Where this makes a difference is if there is only one IP address assigned to the organization. Anything about that in the Q?

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