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In tha simulators on the exam, can you use a ? or Tab keys to see what commands are available and auto fill?

Its just I use the tab key alot and I just want to know if I can it like i do at work in the exam.

Also been using the Tranzcender Pre exam stuff and I was amazed how much I don't know. Then I read that they are not that great and Boson simulators are the better way to go. Any thoughts?


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I also would like to know if the exam sim allows the use of ? and Tab?


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Alan S

In generatl, they don't.

A couple of times a "?" will bring up a very limited subset of commands, but most of the time it brings up nothing.

Tab completion doesn't work, but the sim recognises shortcuts like "show run" and "conf t"

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In the 4 times I have taken the CCNA exam I have found that in the actual simulation questions the tab and command line help (?) have actually worked like they are supposed to. In some of the other types of simulator questions (simlets) they normally have disabled certain help functions.


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