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Is there anyone that has a clue what the "practical" portion of the Cisco CCNA Cert exam is like?

I'm confident I can do anything in the book if I have a reference with me.

I'm confident I can do anything reasonably basic with no reference.

What I can't get confident about is the ability to do the more complicated or esoteric stuff without SOME kind of reference or notes available.


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There is no actual "practical" portion of the CCNA cert exam in the hands-on hardware sense, but there are questions on configuration and troubleshooting CLI commands. There are also "simulations" where you are presented with a topology with a scenario and a CLI type interface into which you enter the commands.

The CCNA Prep Center has sample question types and all sorts of other good stuff to help you. To log in you do need to have at least a Guest (aka CCO) registration but this is free and is something you should have anyway if you are serious about this stuff

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cheers Aubrey

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Aubrey Adams


Curiouser and curiouser.

Well, most of them I'm ok with, I'm just afraid of the more esoteric.

Thanks for the advice

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the quetsions, trouble shooting and network design are in the lines of the following:

1) which cable connects to what ? (you will be given devices and u have to pick which cable is correct)

2) adding IP address and correct subnet to routers (in the simulation)

3) some IP routing issue... I dont believe there was anything that asked me to configure any routing protocol from scratch.. most likely, wrong IP address and or subnet...

4) some frame-relay question, IE: whats wrong with the following set of configuration...

alot of ppl here will scare the s*1t out of you ... but dont worry .. its extreamly took me only 45 minutes to finish the exam and I got a

96.5% while on fairly strong pain killers :p

so good luck..

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"Ingot" wrote in news:7MmdnRRKD8ItMJ3VnZ2dnUVZ

I haven't taken the exam yet but I have used the test exam from, which opened up my eyes about what to expect. I got codes to get the exams for free with the Cisco Press ICND1 & ICND2 books by Wendell Odom, it may work out cheaper to buy the books & get the free exam than to buy directly from Boson, the 2 books only cost £30 in the UK (60$ US).

Double check that the boson codes are with the book before you buy if you only want the test exams, I'm only going from the edition that I bought & that was back in October.


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