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Here is a question that was twice on a CCNA exam:

PC1--------> R1 ---------> R2 ---------> SW---------->PC2

You can see the IP for PC2 and you can log only on R1 via PC1

The exam asks to connect PC1 with PC2

  1. Log on R1 and find the IP of R2 with: #sh cdp neigh details

note: it's important to use "details" otherwise you won't be able to see the IP for R2.

  1. Telnet to R2 and run a #sh cdp neigh details, but that will not help you get the IP of the switch. Apparently, the switch has not been assigned an IP.

I am not sure if you will be able to ipconfig /all on PC2.

Enable routing and adding the networks did not help. ...

It's a nice simulation to waste your time and stay behind with the rest of the questions.

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If you can reach R2, then we assume R1 is configured OK. Once on R2, don't worrry about the switch unless interVLAN routing is involved. Check the R2SW interface and Configure with the right ip (you know PC2's ip). Config routing on R2 Check routing on R1. Ping PC2 from PC1

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You can assume that the switch will have little or no part to play with the fault as inter vlan routing will not be in a simulation in the exam for CCNA - you should concentrate on the routers. Normally one of the routers will be configured ok you can do a show run on the working one and on the broken one to quickly find out what to do. I had a similar question on the CCNA few months ago.

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Thanks for the answer. Do you mind expanding a little on "Check the R2SW interface and Configure with the right ip (you know

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Both have to be on the same subnet and if you know PC2's default gateway then use that as the router's IP.

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