Catalyst 4006 and Cisco network assistant

I can't connect Cisco Network Assistance to CatOS 4006 or use http interface. I can get logon screen through http but can't logon. I did enable http server

Can anyone tell me is hhtp interface supported on this code and how to logon? What username should be, given that I don't have username configured?

show ver WS-C4006 Software, Version NmpSW: 6.4(9) dir bootflash cat4000.6-4-9.bin


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John Strow
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Hmm, googling for it, and seeing pages and pages of buffer overflow and security problems doesn't disuade you eh?

There can be an HTTP interface, but you need additional software loaded in its flash. If this software that matches that version of CatOS is even available any longer is a mystery to me.

This tech note might give you more info.

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OOTH, 99% or greater of the customers that have them configure the switches via the CLI.

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Doug McIntyre

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