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OK, I thought I had this working, but I have a local EIGRP LAN learned route and a BGP WAN learned route, I want the BGP learned route to be prefered unless goes away then will use the EIGRP learned route.

However, when route are learned by one, the other never supercedes the other.

If BGP is the route learned at the time, EIRGP can come and go and never overrides the BGP route, If EIGRP route is the one learned at the time (clearing BGP routes) BGP learned routes can come and go but the EIGRP learned route will be the one always in the routing table until clearing the EIGRP routes.

What am I missing, not had much sleep so not thinking well but need to figure this out.

Thanks much for the help.

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The EIGRP learned route will be preferred over the BGP route because the EIGRP route is an "internal" route and the BGP is "external". You can try to fix this by adjusting the metrics of the BGP routes when redistributing them into EIGRP. But I don't think this will fix your problem because by default EIGRP has an admin distance of 90, and I believe BGP is 110 and the routes are being learned on the router running both EIGRP and BGP. To see this, do a "show ip route" and you will see that the EIGRP routes have a lower "Admin" distance than the BGP routes. Each route will show the metric like [90/92922], where the number before the "/" is the admin distance, and the number afterward is the routing metric. The routing metric is only used if the admin distance is the same.


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That is what I thought.

However, the behavior on my router is that if the BGP route is learned first, EIGRP learned route never overrides until I clear the BGP route ?

That is what is confusing ?

Thanks much for the help.

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That would be a bug

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eBGP has an AD of 20 and iBGP a default AD of 200. As EIGRP is 90 this would ordanarily be preferred over iBGP but not eBGP.

There is no config to go off so it would be difficult to say whether other influencing factors relating to EIGRP or BGP were causing the issue.



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Darren Green

You do not state how BGP learns the route in question - Is it an iBGP path or an eBGP path ?

Why don't you show us the following two outputs:

show ip route


show ip bgp

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