ASA5510 and zyxel

Hi everyone, I am new to Cisco and have couple questions. We are planning to put ASA5510 in our head office and we have 5 branches. All branches have couple users so we want to use Zyxel in there Prestige 662HW series and Zywall2/5. The branches will be connecting over VPN using Zyxel devices to ASA5510. My question is it going to work ? I see no reason why it shouldn't but as I said I am new to Cisco and have never mixed hardware for VPN from different manufactures.

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We took over a company that had Zyxel boxes that were forever going down. We tried Zyxel to Cisco VPN tunnels but they were just ridiculously unreliable so we ended up swapping all the boxes for Cisco

800 series DSL routers, so therefore Cisco to Cisco tunnels. All worked like a charm. I wouldn't touch them if I were you. Cheers Mike
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