We need to modify our Cisco ASA5510 security device to allow multiple (simultaneous) "outbound" VPN client connections to a Cisco 3000 VPN host device, AND support the following "existing" infrastructure:

- Several "site-to-site" VPN connections between the ASA5510 security device and other firewalls

- Accept several (simultaneous) "inbound" VPN connections

- Single external IP address for all outbound connections (I believe this is called NAT/PAT...)

The added complexity is that the Cisco 3000 VPN device does not have "IPSec over UDP" enabled (NAT-Traversal ?), nor will it have "IPSec over TCP" enabled (NAT-TCP ?). (Corporate policy - currently being debated).

The specific questions are...

Is it possible to configure the ASA5510 to support the "outbound" connections? If so, how ?

Would it have been possible with "IPSec over UDP"? ..."IPSec over TCP"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!


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Bob Ruiz
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