Help needed on route-map

Hello I think that the correct topic should be route-map

I need help about that:

This is the scenario:

Cisco 2650 with:

1 on-board FE (fast0/0) NM-4E - four eth ports from eth0/0 to eth0/4

This is the ideal interfaces assignements:

DMZ network (gw ----- fast0/0


Eth0/0 - Office LAN : - on this interface eth0/1 - NETWORK 01: - .254 on this int eth0/2 - NETWORK 02: - .254 on this int

On the router I have two dialer interfaces: dial1 and dial2

each one dialer interface connects to a remote vpn (they establish the connection via the fast0/0)

Once the dialers interface are both up, I need to let each interface go out using one specified dialer, example:


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Elia Spadoni
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