IPSec VPN Cisco 1812 and ASA 5510


I set up IPSec VPN between Cisco 1812 and ASA 5510.

Tunnel works fine, ping from PC to internal interface of the router is OK, and from router ping behind firewall is OK , but ping PC - PC is interrupted. One ok, one is time out. Looks like one packet go into tunnel second not and so on.

Any ideas where is the problem ?

Thanks in advance.


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Something helped I remove command: ip route IP-second-site mask outside_interface

I hadn't it before and I had no chance to test it from PC. Supposidly my prior tester lied.

Regards, Dav

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Disabling and reenabling CEF: no ip cef ip cef

worked for me also.

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Igor Mamuziæ aka Pseto

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