VPN Clients (NAT and RULES) on ASA 5505

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I took the advice that was there and removed the NAT rules that were in there that was excluding everything and added one STATIC rule for the "external VPN IP" that I had set up for the start of my pool and my testing and am now able to connect. I set up one Policy that allowed me to my workstation with Remote Desktop and to one of our servers and it worked great.

It was recommended to create a new subnet for these that was different then our inside LAN. I used 192.168.5.x with the pool starting at 95. I then created a nat rule that takes and converts it internally to so that it is on our internal LAN scheme.

I don't want to have to write specific rules for my General users as most of them will need the same stuff. As Admin I will have some specific things that they won't naturally. Guess I am not sure on how to control this NAT and make sure that I don't end up with duplicate INSIDE IP's. Any best practices here?

I don't want to have to rework the internal network right now or worry if we add another remote user in the future and have to create new rules and things.

Hope I am clear in what I am looking for. TIA.


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