AS5359 IP address Wierdness

Have an AS5350 w/ two E1 PRIs. Can catch a call from a PC w/ ISDN modem fine, it gets answered, user authenticated (locally for now), IP address assigned from the pool, route propagates to other 7 routers, can reach hosts on other routers, etc. "Life is GOOD"

Then, make a second, simultaneous connection, using a different user name from a second PC, "Life is _really_ GOOD". Both callers can reach other hosts on the network, they have IP addresses, etc. (hey, I did not try to see if they could talk to each other, I'll have to try that.)

Drop only the second call, leaving the first still connected and happy. Then call back (from the 2nd PC) with the same username as the first call. Get authenticated, etc., *BUT* the second connection gets the same IP address as the first connection!! "Life is _NOT_ good!!" You can imagine what this does to packets to/from other hosts, and pings fail 50% (typical duplicate address behavior).

The 5350 config is below, user names and passwords and other identifying information have been munged up.....

Your ideas why, when a second call comes in on a different interface, with the same user name that is already in use, that the IP address assigned is the same as the first connection, would be greatly appreciated.



config...... service timestamps debug datetime msec localtime show-timezone service timestamps log datetime msec localtime show-timezone no service password-encryption ! hostname 5350 ! boot-start-marker boot system flash no boot startup-test boot-end-marker ! logging buffered 51200 warnings ! username cisco privilege 15 secret 5 somepassword username user1 password 0 someotherpassword username user2 password 0 yetanotherpassword ! ! resource-pool disable clock timezone cst -6 clock summer-time CDT recurring spe default-firmware spe-firmware-1 aaa new-model ! ! aaa authentication login default local aaa authentication ppp default local aaa authorization network default local aaa session-id common ip subnet-zero ! ! ip cef no ip domain lookup ! no ip bootp server isdn switch-type primary-dms100 chat-script modem-reset "" "at&s0=1&c1&d3&h1&r2&b1&w" ! controller E1 3/0 pri-group timeslots 1-31 ! controller E1 3/1 ! interface Loopback0 ip address ! interface Loopback1 ip address ! interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip ospf hello-interval 5 ip ospf dead-interval 10 ip ospf priority 0 duplex full speed 100 ! interface FastEthernet0/1 no ip address shutdown duplex auto speed auto ! interface Serial0/0 no ip address clockrate 2000000 ! interface Serial0/1 no ip address clockrate 2000000 ! interface Serial3/0:15 no ip address encapsulation ppp dialer rotary-group 0 dialer-group 1 isdn switch-type primary-dms100 isdn incoming-voice modem no cdp enable ! interface Async1/30 no ip address ! ! ! interface Async1/59 no ip address ! interface Group-Async0 ip unnumbered Loopback1 encapsulation ppp async mode dedicated peer default ip address pool pool0 ppp authentication pap callin group-range 1/00 1/29 ! interface Dialer0 ip unnumbered Loopback1 encapsulation ppp dialer in-band dialer idle-timeout 360 dialer-group 1 peer default ip address pool pool0 no cdp enable ppp authentication pap callin ! router ospf 1 log-adjacency-changes redistribute connected subnets passive-interface Serial0/0 passive-interface Serial0/1 network area 0 ! ip local pool pool0 ip classless ip http server ip http authentication local ! ! access-list 187 permit icmp any any log dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit ! ! ! voice-port 3/0:D ! ! ! ! alias exec cl clear line alias exec clip clear ip route * alias exec crs copy run start alias exec deb187 debug ip packet detail 187 alias exec ospfnei show ip ospf neighbor alias exec sb show ip interface brief alias exec ship show ip route alias exec shr show run alias exec sip show ip protocol alias exec sl show line alias exec ss show session alias exec tr traceroute alias exec sbf sh ip interface brief | begin Fast ! line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0 privilege level 15 password cisco length 35 width 132 history size 256 line aux 0 exec-timeout 0 0 privilege level 15 password cisco modem InOut length 35 width 132 history size 256 transport input all flowcontrol hardware line vty 0 4 exec-timeout 0 0 privilege level 15 password cisco length 35 width 132 history size 256 transport input telnet line vty 5 15 exec-timeout 0 0 privilege level 15 password cisco length 35 width 132 history size 256 transport input telnet line 1/00 1/29 no flush-at-activation modem InOut transport input all autoselect during-login line 1/30 1/59 modem InOut ! scheduler allocate 10000 400

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