AS-5300: How to bridge two calls from a PC?


I have been configuring AS-5300s for years, using them with VoIP and connecting them to PBXs. So I am familiar with dial-peers and all that jazz.

The project that I have in mind, however, is a little bit different and original and I don't know where to start.

What I would like to accomplish is as follows: my users will be running Adobe Acrobat and certain pages will be associated with phone numbers to be dialed (that part obviously doesn't pertain to this NG). When the user selects an item from a menu or a toolbar his/her PC should initiate a call (which will have to be VoIP, right? I guess that's the only way to talk to the router) to the remote destination and another call back to the individual user's extension. Both calls will be bridged even before they are answered and the PC simply removes itself from the remainder of the call.

That's all I have so far. I have done some simple IVR programming on the AS-5300 with Tcl (reject blacklisted calls based on ANI) so I guess I could approach the problem from that direction.

I just don't want to put an VoIP client inside Acrobat only to find out that there was a better way.

Thanks for your insightful comments, tips, URLs, etc.

-Ramon F Herrera

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Ramon F Herrera
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