Alteon Questing (i know this is a cisco group but im /despertate)

Hi All

I know this is a Cisco group, but im kinda hoping one of you guys has some Alteon expertise. I've poted in other nortel groups with no responce thus far - I think they are dead.

Any help will be met with joyous song and poems dedicated to your majesty and greatness.


Im having an issue with 1 specific VIP on my alteon 180e. The problem is as follows:

Under periods of high(ish) load, one specific VIP seems to have trouble

loadbalancing. Every few seconds HTTP requests to that VIP take about

3.2 seconds to reply instead of the usual
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Leery Jeeeenkins
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The config looks the same so I would start checking from the bottom up... The issue could be with one of the servers. Make sure they're both set to 100full as well as the ports they plug in to. Maybe replace the cables.

Is the logging set up to tell you which (if any) systems are slower?

"Every Few Seconds" sounds like a "get" hits one server and is served and (because round robin is enabled) the next request is sent to server (which is having the problem) ... so (looks like I am stating the obvious but you said to)...... It looks like the box is working as designed....

Is there a way to add "monitors" (ala CSS/BigIP) to monitor services?

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Thanks so much for your input Garrisb!

We did originally think that it may be a problem on one of the two web servers, but what we found was the following:

  1. If we test HTTP response times directly to each real IP (ie. Still going through the load balancer but not using the VIP), then we don't see any slow down at all for either web server.
  2. When we look at those spikes they dont seem to be 50% of the time. Its a lot less frequent than that but still frequent enough to make a visible/noticable issues during browsing.
  3. Other websites hosted those webservers that are not being loadbalanced seem to be performing very happily.

Its really is just this one stupid VIP causing the issues :((

As for the monitoring, we are using Nagios which is what showed us the slower response times. I am going to change out the cables though and manually set port/NIC to 100/full anyway just to be on the safe side...

Again, thanks so much for the help! I'll post any changes to monitoring after cable/speed/duplex changes tomorrow.

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