What's happening to this group?

Very good point.

I've been assuming these are practice exam questions from the likes of BOSON, Cisco Press Exam Guides or similar, but since no mention has been made of the source, I guess I really cannot assume that.


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Bob by the Bay
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Just in the last few days, the volume of messages in this group has more than quadrupled. Unless I'm seriously mistaken, most of the additional volume is simply messages posing an exam question, without any context, and various members' replies. I think it's time for us all to stop & think about this a minute. Advice on study techniques, prep materials, test-taking strategy and career direction is well within the pervue of this discussion group. I'm concerned that what we've been seeing lately is something else all together.

While there has always been some discussion of questions, where those questions come from, and how the responses are used makes a big difference. I think we may all want to ask:

1) Are these questions actual material that was stolen from a Cisco exam? 2) Are our responses being used to create another "brain dump" for cheating?

I hope it's not necessary to remind other participants that taking actual Cisco questions out of an exam, or disclosing them to others is a serious violation of the nondisclosure agreement, and can result in permanent loss of certification. I sat 640-801 this afternoon. (Yes, I passed w/986, thankyou.) What drew my attention to this situation was realizing that at least one of the questions that was on the test had just been posted here a few days ago. (I won't say which one for obvious reasons.) In the past, I've felt free to share my insights (when they occur) regarding others' questions. Now, I'm not so sure. I'm happy to contribute to another individual's understanding of a technology I love, but I really don't want to contribute to a for-profit venture that uses spam to sell cheating, particularly at the potential peril of my own credentials. I'd hope that most of you would feel the same.

What I would suggest, is that those who wish to pose "test-like" questions to the group should at least provide some context as a courtesy. Did you get this question from a study guide? Did it come from a practice test, and you think they've got the wrong answer? Is it the one that made you tear your hair out in the exam room, and that you really shouldn't mention to us verbatim? Are you going to use our answers to improve your own understanding of the material, or are you going to gather them up and try to sell them? With a little context and background, we can each make our own informed decision about offering answers or not. And we can preserve the usefulness of this forum, without surrendering it to spammers & cheaters.

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Mike Dorn

I most definitely agree.

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James Lewis

so what. if people want to brain dump the exams let them. They will be found out the first time they get a job and have to do it for real!

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