Aironet 1200 sntp sync problem

Hi experts, my 1200 AP doesn't want to sync to the sntp timeserver. What can be the problem ? This is a part of the config:

! sntp logging sntp server end

and: aironet1200#sh sntp SNTP server Stratum Version Last Receive 16 1 never

aironet1200#sh clock detail

20:39:39.236 UTC Sun Nov 5 2006 Time source is user configuration Summer time starts 02:00:00 UTC Sun Mar 25 2007 Summer time ends 03:00:00 UTC Sun Oct 28 2007

Anybody has any ideas ? Thanks, Caroline

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1, does not appear to be a public NTP server, atleast it is not answering public requests. Thats not saying it is not, it could be password protected or locked down to only it's associated subnets. 2, You should be using "show sntp status" to see the status. 3, Don't forget to set your timezone and offset, you still have it using UTC. 4, Try using a different server... is and is both are a couple favorites of mine...very reliable.
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