ACS and Active Directory

Hi, I try to use AD of the company to authenticate my users, but without success. I think to have configured ACS (3.3) correctly:

- the ACS services are runed by a user specifically created in a domain, trusted by other user domains

- on ACS, user are configured to check password on Windows user database

- I configured correct domains on Windows user database

If I look at the logs, it is only indicated that the ACS username is unknown.

Someone can help me,? Is there a debug mode which could permit me to see where it blocks?

Thanks, Philippe

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I found the debug mode for CSAUTH.

The following message appears when I try to log: No external DB exists for dynamically mapped user 'alpha'

User 'alpha' exists on ACS so it is not an unknown user.

Even if I configure an external windows database, it is like ACS didn't find it ..

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No idea from nobody? :-(

Still have this CSAUTH log message at each connection try:

"No external DB exists for dynamically mapped user xxx"

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