Active Directory users on Cisco PIX


Sorry for my very bad english.

¿Is posible to configure Cisco PIX 515E for authenticate VPN (PPTP) users from Active Directory (Windows 2000 Server) domain? With local users VPN works fine, because I need users from Active Directory domain.

Can you help me?

Very thanks. Diego Fernández

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Diego Fernández
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PIX version 7.0 is supposed to support MS AD

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Even the 6.0 series allows you to authenticate against RADIUS. I'm not sure if this extends to VPN, or not though.

MS WIndows Server allows you to install "IAS" or Internet Authentication Services. It provides the link between network devices and Active Directory through a standard RADIUS implementation.

There are several resources available on setting up IAS. One of the major keys to remember: You'll want to explicitly "Allow Dial-in Users" in the user's AD profile.

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My versión is 6.3. I going to try RADIUS server.

Thanks Diego Fernández

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