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Hi All,

I am having an issue with my Site to Site VPN. My active directory changes which are made do not seem to get applies to users on the remote site. I can ping in both directions and users on the remote Site can access all the databases at the main locations but when I add new account,s change passwords etc. the changes only seem to get applied to the users on the main site. It seems the remote users are still using cached credentials what is the issue.

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Lord Shilva
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Yes. You answered your own question. They are using cached credentials. Turn off the caching. (logins will be MUCH slower, but updates will work)

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T. Sean Weintz

Or play with the slow link detection thresholds in group policy.

This has nothing to do with the VPN connection. It's just a slow like like any other.

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Mike Drechsler - SPAM PROTECTE

Is there any way to use cached credentials on local machines but force it to be updated every 2 weeks or so. I need users to still be able to log on when they are off site with laptopsand do not have access to a VPN connection but I would also like to have changes to the active directory be applied periodically.

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