ACS and Active Directory

Hello everybody outhere using Cisco devices

I have a problem with a ACS Server Version 4.0 and a Windows Active Directory 2003. The architechture that Im using is:

a) User (supplicant) presents credentials to a IOS Switch via IEEE

802.1X b) The switch (client) forwards credentials to RADIUS Server (ACS 4.0 /Windows ) c) The RADIUS server (ACS 4.0 / WINDOWS) forwards credentials to W2003 Active Directory d) The user is denied or granted access to the network depending the case

I can authenticate users perfectly if they are configured with protocol PEAP on his IEEE 802.1X network interface options and Active Directory authenticate users with his database,

I can authenticate users that are configured on the local ACS database

But when I configure MD5 Challenge on the supplicants (Windows XP) they cannot get access to the network and on ACS logfiles I can read a a "Auth type not supported by External Database"

I triend enabling reversibly encrypted passwords in a domain but that does not work and I cant authenticate users with MD5 on Active Directory

Can anybody please help me?? This is an issue that I've been working during 1 week and I cannot solve

regards Lalo

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As far as I know this cannot be done because Active Directory does not do MD5 passwords (only MS-CHAP.) This is why you are getting "Auth type not supported" error message.


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