48Mb image for 837

Is still there an image for my 837 router that "fits" into the 48 Mbytes it is provided with? It must be used in production mode and I don't want headaches....

One more thing:

which is the "first" release available? Ld or ED? I think ED because Cisco says it gives extra-features or fixing to bugs, then LD comes when routers are shipped to the customer (FCS First Customer Shipment), so LD should be a little bit "wiser" than ED, isnt'it?


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provided with?

LD comes when routers are shipped to the

than ED, isnt'it?

I put 12.4 sosmething in an 837 the other day. CCO said

64M but I had some past experience of violating that.

I did:-

memory iomem 5

but it was not needed since there was IIRC 15M of free RAM on boot.

It will of course depend on what you are doing. Big routing tables, many users with Inspect sessions, nat tables, etc then you could be in trouble.

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I'm running 12.4(10) on mine (c837-k9o3sy6-mz.124-10.bin) with 48Mb RAM, and I've not had any problems with it. In fact, I've had 17 weeks non-stop running with it without a single crash or error (back to 2 days after needing to move it).

Also, I'm using NAT (with PAT), have QoS out the outbound along with Inspect covering the main protocols and ACLs on most interfaces

Did the same on mine, which helped a little when running Bittorrent, although dropping the timeout, esp. for UDP is more effective.

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