2970 traffic stats and VLANs

If I move a port out of VLAN 1, I no longer get traffic info via SNMP. How can I fix that? I want my VLANs *and* traffic info :-)

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John Oliver
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John Oliver skrev:

What traffic info are you monitoring. Changing vlans should not change any of the interface specific counters.

you may want to turn on the "snmp-server ifindex persist" to prevent ports remapped in the snmp tree when creating or removing ports/vlans.


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IfInOctets and IfOutOctets

I agree... it "should" not. But it does :-) Or, to be fair, it does as far as MRTG is concerned. MRTG assigns an "interface number" rather than using a raw OID. I suppose it's possible that the OID is changing with the VLAN assignment... hmmm...

Thanks for that thought! I'll look into it.

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John Oliver

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