10/100 FE WIC for 1721?

Is the only 10/100 WIC for the 1700 Series the 4Port Switch?

I have A 16Meg Download internet connection and wanted to use my 1721. It has a WIC-1ENET which is only 10base

The 4Port Switch is also a FE Interface Correct?


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Scott Townsend
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A 1721 only rated at 6Mbps of throughput.

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Brian V

Yes, but thats a switch on a card, with only one L3 interface back. And it should be at 10Mbps back to the router.

No, it comes back as Ethernet from what I remember.

Also, the 1721 maxes out around 4-5Mbps from what I remember.

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Doug McIntyre
4-5Meg on the WIC Slots?

Double Dog Dang.

So I guess I need to Go with the PIX then...

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Scott Townsend

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