wireless access to LAN

Hi All,

I have to set up wireless access to a local area network for about

20+ users.

Could someone point me in the direction of the sort of hardware i would need.

I was thinking about Cisco AIR-WLC2006-K9 and a couple of Cisco Aironet 1100's.

Do you think this would be a good solution and is the Aironet 1100 compatible with the Cisco AIR-WLC2006-K9 .

Apologies if my questions are foolish, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys and girls.


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You don't really need a controller for 20 people. It's a little like a modem bank and can be oversubscribed. However, if you have geographic limmitations you might need more coverage and multiple APs. Even then you don't necessarily need a bridge device like the WCL.

- Robert @robertmstanley

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your reply, it is appreciated.

I have just got a AP1242 for the job, where i was getting confused is i was reading the specs for the LAP and not the AP.

Therefore i was reading about controllers etc :) After much desperation, a lot of groups and big thick pdf docs i discovered that the AP will do the job minus the controller, and minus a few headaches :)

I hope life is treating you well and thanks for taking the time to advise.


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