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Hi guys, im in a bit of a delema and in need of some assistance.

I've currently got a server set (LAN) with a wireless network set up.

I'm always on the move and away from my network and usually need to gain access to my server to retreive data.

I need to know what devices i should be looking at in order to access my information away from home wirelessly.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks, sycovs.

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Can you provide some additional information:

How far are you away from your wireless network? In another part of the building or hundreds of feet away? On the road or in another building miles away or out of tow?

How are you trying to connect to your network? Are you trying to connect to your own network? Are you trying to establish a wireless connection through a foreign access point that in turn make an internet connectin to your own network?

Do you already have the connectivity in place, but want to share out your files? Can you see your network from wherever or however you are connecting to it, but can't browse the server file directory?

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