They caught me here!!!

Bought this book "Routing Protocols and Concepts", but after that realized
that the tool they want you to use on the excercises did not come on the
CDROM. You have to join the Cisco Network Academy. They did not make that
very clear to someone who is browsing the book to make a decision to buy.
Is there any other way to get the "Packet Tracer" that they refer to in this
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Locksley Young
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That's unfortunate - those books are very clearly marked as "Companion Guides" to the Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Exploration and CCNA Discovery courses and accordingly closely follow the curriculum and labs of those courses. Where did you buy it from? It's not what you expected it to be so you may be able to return it for a credit on a book more appropriate to your needs.
Packet Tracer is a non-commercial Cisco product that is only available to enrolled Cisco Networking Academy students.
Of course, you could always inquire at your local high school/college/polytechnic/university and ask if they are a Cisco Networking Academy, and sign up for a course.
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Aubrey Adams
or... just go into the Network Academy lab and suck it off the hard drive.
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