Upgrading CiscoPro Routers

I have a couple of CiscoPro routers and I would like to upgrade them to accept enterprise level IOS's.

All the documentation I can find explains what happens when you try to upload a non CPA image and what the steps are to fix this.

They all referee to placing the image upgrade utility (cpa25-upgrade-l.112-3.P) into the proper folder.

Where do I find such a file? I have been looking for quite some time now and have turned up nothing.

I have a CCO account so please feel free to options available through that channel.


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Sean Coughlin
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I'm not sure if you found an answer for this, but I was just looking for the same file and found it using my CCO account:

Firstly, your CCO account MUST have access to IOS downloads (you can get this from your business if they have a cisco contract or I believe by buying a product directly from Cisco or their official resellers).

Start here:

formatting link
choose: "CiscoPro Router Software Loader (RSL)"

I'm not sure if you need the RSL, but you definitely need the "cpa25-upgrade-I.112-3.P" file that is listed there.

I'm not sure how well it works - my 2524 CiscoPro is still being shipped.

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I just completed this process a few weeks ago. The file in question is part of the RSL archive, you'll find it in the images folder when you unzip it.

It works like a charm, my lowly CiscoPro 2514 is now a full 16/16 enterprise router.

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