2501 Router Dead?

I have a cisco 2501 Router that i used this past year as part of my ccna study curriculum. I have not used the router in 6 months or so. I have graduated school and now i am persuing my ccna certification. I fired up the routers for the first time in forever ( i also have 2, 2524 models no problems with either) upon examining the 2501 i noticed that it now boots to boot mode ie: Router(Boot)# I checked the ios and it says the checksum is invalid, so I decided to upload a backup of the ios from my pc via tftp server. The router has 3 interfaces 2 serial and 1 aui, since i do not have an aui transciever I always set up a serial connection from my 2501 to my

2524(which has an ethernet interface) and copy or upload the ios from my pc to the 2524 and on to the 2501. I would like to have done it this way however I could not get a connection accross the 2 routers. The 2501 would let me get to the interface, set the ip, no shut, and the clockrate, however i could not enable rip (it says invalid command), i have used the ? command and the router (protocol) command is not listed anywhere. So I decided to send the new flash via xmodem from rommon mode to the router. I entered config-register 0x2100 and reloaded only to find that I am now in what seems to be an even less functional version of rommon mode. When i reboot the router I recieve the following info:

System Bootstrap, Version 11.0(10c), SOFTWARE Copyright (c) 1986-1996 by cisco Systems

2500 processor with 6144 Kbytes of main memory

Upon typing ? at the prompt I recieve the following options: $ B [filename] C [address] D /S M L V E /S M L G [address] H I K L [filename]

O P S T function Deposit and Examine sizes may be B (byte), L (long) or S (short). Modifiers may be R (register) or S (byte swap). Register names are: D0-D7, A0-A^, SS, US, SR, and PC

when i try to reload the router I recieve the message: What?

Ive tried to change the configuration Register to 0x2102 and the command seems to work but there is no way (I cant find it) to reboot the router except to turn off the power.However when i power back up im back to the same screen =(

My questions are

  1. How can I get back to regular ROMMON mode?
  2. Once in Rommon or boot mode is there anyway to bring up a serial connection to another router ( since the protocols seem to be disabled)
  3. Can I upload the flash image while in this mode and if so how

Thank you in advance for your help, and if you require any other info please feel free to ask. Thanks again

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If you are in ROMmon mode (prompt = >)

Type o to display the contents of the config register

Type o/r 0x2102 to set the router to start with any configuration in NVRAM (or 0x2142 to ignore anything in NVRAM)

Type i to reload the router

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