questions in CCNA sem4 ?

Hi. Any know how questions there is in semester 4 in CCNA? I also wanna know how tough it is if any know :/

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Tams Larsen
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Ask your instructor - there's no reason why he/she should not have previewed the Final Exam - I assume that's what you mean. Hint, each of the four semester Final Exams have around the same number of questions.

I always tell my students how many of each questions type there is - I use the exam to test their knowledge not to see how they cope with surprises - besides which we usually weight the Skills Based Assessment much more than the Exam anyway - but that's up to your Academy's policy not me.

How tough is it - well if you have a reasonably thorough knowledge of NAT/PAT, DHCP, ISDN, Frame Relay & PPP and have done the labs it's not that difficult to get the 80% pass we require, but if you don't have that knowledge then ....

You would be better off reviewing the curriculum and the e-labs instead of sweating administrative stuff you don't know - unless you're preparing an excuse for failing - I assume that you got to this stage of the course legitimately, in which case just apply the same effort to CCNA 4 and you'll be fine.


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