Problem with GNS3

Hi, I've been using version GNS3.05 beta for router practice. When I open one or two cosole sessions, my CPU utilization pegs at 100% and PC becomes unusable. I'm using a 1.7GHZ dual core intel processor w/2 Gig of RAM. I'm not running any other programs concurrently w/GNS3.

Does anyone have any tips on eliminating this problem? Are there any settings/options ?

Thanks in Advance..

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[Default] jdrum12 ha scritto:

GNS3 0.5 is last stable version.

Yep, you should set up the idlepc value. Consult the new GNS3 tutorial, page 18.:

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[Default] jdrum12 ha scritto:

No problem... BTW GNS3, and Dynamips for that matter, gives better performance on Linux, especially if you compare it to Vista. If you want to play with Linux, I would recommend openSUSE 11.0 because of famous 1-Click install technology which provides also GNS3.

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