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Hi all

I was programmer for six years, and time ago I discovered I feel good (and I like very much) networking, switches, routers, firewalls, etc. but because of my actual job I can't spend as much time as I would like to in that topics.

Now I am preparing to get CCNA certification but all I have is theory. I ear a lot of thing about NetScreen, Cisco PIX, firewalls, etc. but my question is where can I practice with these boxes if there is no one at work and I don't have any place where to 'play' with them.

Could you tell how can I still closer of these boxes ? I mean, is there a simulator or something like that ?

Thanks VC

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If you want to get some hands on you can go to

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and use their live demo of the SonicOS Enhanced. They will let you log in to a real unit and play with it, but just no saving settings and stuff. I don't know the exact link to the demo, but it's there.

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Sonicwall TZ170W

I have a friend that racked up a lot of second hand equipment in garage sales. eBay also helped him a lot. He would look at equipment which was partially faulty so he could buy it cheap but still work enough so he could practice.

I'm don't know what were the actual equipment but he once said he could rival a medium-sized business! I'm sure he didn't spend a lot of money, it wouldn't be like him.

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You can get yourself a cheap computer like a used one or a door stop at laying about the house and install Linux on it. You can then use Smoothwall and IPcop. That's as close as you're going to get to one of those boxes without having one at your finger tips.

Duane :)

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