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I have a question that I cannot seem to get an answer for. I have a PIX 506 that is configured as the clients network gateway. Is there any way that I can take traffic from the inside network and redirect that traffic to a proxy server that is also on the inside network using the PIX? Is this possible?


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What are you plans for the Proxy?

It seems a bit strange to have a desire to use the PIX to send traffic to a Proxy server since most people use a PIX as border device. A PIX will not allow you to send traffic out an interface and back in, so I don't think your wish can be accomplished. If you provide more details I will try and help you, but your post is a bit vague.

Ken Vizena

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The traditional or at least easiest to implement the proxy topology involves more than just a firewall although the internal interface of a new router becomes the LAN gateway. This new gateway must perform WCCP. Cisco does this most reliably with a 2800 or 3700 router depending on the traffic needs. The WCCP decides if the traffic is one for which it recognizes via the configuration. You can proxy 80, 8080, ftp, h323, etc. Linux squid does the actual proxying but its external interface is one the external internet so you also have to have another public ip adddress. There's much more documentation online at various places. Commercially BlueCoat has packaged one of these ready to go.

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Gregory W Zill

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