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Networking newbie question is this.I have routers and switches setup in a lab.I want to be able to remotely login and configure my equipment just like if i was renting rack time from a site.Is this possible and how do i go about doing that.Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I would suggest a terminal server, like a 2511 router, which has 8 or 16 TTY ports, which allow you to access the console port of the connect devices. I'd get the RJ version if you choose to use the Cisco brand. (RJ version lets you use UTP cables, the non-RJ version requires a special High density Octal cable which is a pain in the ass) For remote lab access, it's important to have console access so you can work with the equipment before it has a valid IP configuration, otherwise you're hands are tied for many labs. The method you use with the cisco terminal server is reverse telnet, which is pretty well documented on the Web.

There are other terminal servers on the market as well, Raritan makes 4, 8,

16, 32 port models you may be able to find. Other brands too. These may give a better web based user interface for managing your console sessions, some work better than others with SUN servers and other console based management ports.

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