How to see routing table on Pix 501?


How do I view the routing table on a Cisco Pix 501 using telnet?

Thanks for your help. Don

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Afaik with ios 6.x you can use "show route"

Bye Guercio

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I tried that. But, I don't think "show route" is a command on this version 501. I sure would welcome any other ideas.

Thanks, Don

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Please tell us what the version of the operating code. 6.3.5? 7.2.24?

"show route" has been a command in every Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA firewall that I have ever worked on. It is the Cisco routers that have the IOS command "show ip route" with that added IP keyword.

If the PIX firewall does not route, then aside from running in transparent mode, how else does it work? The command "show firewall" will show if the PIX is running in Router mode or transparent mode.

----- Scott Perry Indianapolis, IN


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