Routing table metric.

Is it possible to higher a metric for network directly connected on the router? It is quite long to explain but first of all I would like to know if what I asked it is possible. I mean if the router reports directly connected on dialer0

Can I modify the routing table with

ip route dialer 0 100 ?

Do the networks directly connected to the interfaces take precedence over all the other routing informations?


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I'm reasonably sure that there's no way to change the administrative distance for a connected route.

I suppose you could do policy routing, but here's what I think is an easier approach:

- instead of giving d0 an address in 192.168.100/24, unnumber it to a local loopback or LAN interface

- configure a floating static to 192.168.100/24 via d0



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Aaron Leonard


A floating static route would never defeat a directly connected route for

What is the problem that you are trying to address ?

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