DSPFARM on 1760 CUCME 4.3 router

I have a 1760 router setup with CME 4.3 and has two dsp's installed in the router. I have all my voip and analog phone setup and working and able to make and receive incoming and outgoing calls to the pstn via my fxo port on my home phone line.

I am trying to setup my dspfarm on the router, in which this will connect up to my 2621xm router that is the voice gateway router for my CUCM/Unity segment of my lab.

When I configure my dspfarm on my 1760 router which has two dsp's I it show I have no transcoder session available. My router config is posted here

formatting link
It also show that my dspfarm is down. I am not sure what I am missing.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



a-vgw-cucme-c1760#sh dspfarm sessions 1

Total number of active connections 0 with session_id 1

a-vgw-cucme-c1760#sh dspfarm all DSPFARM Configuration Information: Admin State: DOWN, Oper Status: DOWN - Cause code: ADMIN_STATE_DOWN Transcoding Sessions: 0(Avail: 0), Conferencing Sessions: 1 (Avail: 1) Trans sessions for mixed-mode conf: 0 (Avail: 0), RTP Timeout: 60 Connection check interval 60 Codec G729 VAD: ENABLED

Total number of active session(s) 0, and connection(s) 0

a-vgw-cucme-c1760#config t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#ds a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm ? codec Configure codec related parameters for DSPFARM service confbridge Specify the conferencing related parameters values connection Specify the dspfarm connection related parameters values profile Specify the DSPFARM profile information rtp Specify the RTP related parameters values transcoder Specify the transcoding related parameters values

a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm tr a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm transcoder ? maximum Specify the transcoding parameters maximum value

a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm transcoder max a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm transcoder maximum se a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions ? Specify the maximum transcoding sessions value

a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions 5 ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)# a-vgw-cucme-c1760(config)#

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