decent rack rental for the CCNA

Can anyone recommend a good online rack rental for the CCNA that includes switches as well as routers? I need practice with OSPF, EIGRP, Spanning Tree Protocol. Thanks for any feedback.

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James A
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You don't need much practice for passing the exam.

Basically, Cisco don't require you to know how to configure OSPF, EIGRP and Spanning in deep. That means all you need to know on the similator question is 1) type 'conf t', 2) type 'router rip | ospf | ...', 3) type 'network w.x.y.z', 4) type 'exit', 5) type 'ping target ip' 6) save your configure if ping test is okay. That is!

Spanning Tree? there are few questions about it but not on the similator.

Save your money on other places except you have alot.

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I agree, I failed the CCNA last week 750, most of my learning time were spent on practical's as I was told that if I failed them then I would fail the exam, except in the practical I had to configure rip and a bit of VTP on a router and a switch and was easy - I failed on the normal questions and not the practical's.

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has rack rentals and it is priced cheap. Unlike the other two guys, I reccomend that you spend a couple of days (at least) with some hands on on real equipment.

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