BCMSN (Switching) question..

I dont see QoS or SPAN/RSPAN in the exam description on cisco's website. Can others verify that these topics weren't on the exam?

Also, are CatOS commands on the exam?


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john smith
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Then again, I took the composite, not the Switching test...


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I did take the switching test.

Know the basics of SPAN and RSPAN. Know DiffServ QoS. Know NAT.

Forget CatOS.


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when did you take BCMSN 642-811 ?

The current exam version is 2.2 (since september) and I don't see there anything about NAT, neither in previous BCMSN 2.0 and BCMSN 2.2 recomended training.

Regards Slawek,CCNA,BSCI

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Slawomir Furmanek

I took it around 9 months ago.

No, there was nothing on NAT on the cisco site then either, so I was a bit suprised to get an sim requiring NAT config. Maybe it was an "unscored" question, because I didn't get it working, and still passed the exam. There were two other sims as well.

Remember the caveat on the cisco website: "other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam."

I did ARCH the other day, and got an SNA question, and SNA's been dead for ages. There is no guarantee that Cisco has stripped all the old questions out of its DB, no matter what version the exam is at.

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