Best CCIE R&S Lab workbooks/rack time (also free rack time)?

Hi, I have completed the CCIE written and am now preparing for the Lab exam.

I would like to purchase a workbook and some rack time.

I noticed that IPExpert and Network Learining Inc have work books for purchase. Which is the best from the two for the R&S exam?

In addition I would like some rack time. What is recommended in terms of online rack access? I am on a tight budget. Any free lab time with minimal equipment is also great.

Any help appreciated!

Cheers, John

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john clarke
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I would look to either Internetwork Experts or IP Experts I don't think NLI even has the 06 format lab book out anyway. The only problem with IP experts is that the rack time is very expensive as apposed to IE.

formatting link
formatting link

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