connection issue.. cat 2950


having issues connecting to the console port. I have vista/ linux running. I have a serial port. and i have the cable (made in china - off ebay) that is for the connection to the catalyst 2950 that I purchased used (again off ebay).

anyways, I can't connect to it, no matter what, it says its established a connection (putty, minicom, cutecom, hyperterminal) however, its always blank. and i dont see anything no matter how much i press enter.

I read in some forum that it might not be refreshing the screen, so i have to restart the switch.. not the case, i've done that, however nothing is being detected on the serial port.

I boted to windows, and I have a sniffer for my com1, (ONLY com installed on my computer). and it doesn't show any output. when I have the sniffer one and connect the cable to the swithc's com port, I get x00 which I am assuming is NULL. Now Im not sure if thats NULL from the com port, Or Is it just because it has power connected and it shows that ...

im wondering if i can get some advice, on what else to look at before i try to return the switch. its doing its job, but i really need to connect to it some how. my understanding was that unless I enable vty, I can't telnet into it.

what should i be trying to trouble shoot further, I have tried some stores in th neigh and i can't find anyone that sells the cable. so im left to either purchase a new cable, from a more trustable source, or IS there another way to connect?


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I also can't spell, from re-reading .. so .. yeh .. anyways anyhelp ?

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