CCSP Cisco Secure PIX642-521 is what you are looking for. Plenty of CCIEs to talk to :-)

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Leonid S. Knyshov
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I'm getting started on the self-study exam certification guide for 642-521. Occasionally I run into some difficulties while experimenting with my Cisco Pix box. Is there a newgroup where I can get answers to technical questions.

This doesn't look like the right place, but as an example of the kind of questions I would have: I cannot connect to my PIX box via SSH. But if I go to start the PDM it will prompt me to accept a certificate. Whether I say yes or no doesn't matter - because now my SSH will connect successfully to the PIX! It seems that presentation of the certificate via trying to start the PDM causes SSH to be able to connect. If I view an Ethereal dump of the SSH session that doesn't work I see that the Cisco PIX is reporting a checksum error back to my client PC.

For these kind of questions is there a newsgroup existing?

Thanks in advance,


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