CCNP study - best books

I'll soon need to purchase some books so I can start studying for the CCNP before my CCNA expires.

I've read a number of threads and spoken to a few people regarding which CCNP books are useful to someone studying at home. (i.e. not taking a CNAP or other course).

Despite their reputation for horrible typos and lack of editing, I think I'll go with the Cisco Press books (though if you want to persuade me to do otherwise, please do). I don't have the time or inclination to buy more than one set of books, so I'll probably buy either the Exam Certification Guides or the Self Study Guides. I will also build up a small lab at home.

I'm leaning toward the Exam Certification Guides as they seem more concise, but does it seem feasible to pass the CCNP exams having only read either these or the Self Study Guides?

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Brad H
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I've passed the BCRAN exam having only read the Cisco Press self study guide.

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