Where can I find Peer Reviewed Articles?

Hey guys,

I am taking a class in Computer Mediated Communications. I have to do some research (10 sources) for a paper.

Can you help me find peer-reviewed/scholarly journals out there on the Web that could possibly give me a theoretical angle on wi-fi in the corporate world?

I know I want my research paper to focus on wireless technology in the commercial sector, like how wi-fi helps/hinders Starbucks business or Schlotscky's business, or any other articles out there that deal with wireless technology strategies in corporations.

I know wi-fi is a very new technology and there may not be much research done on it yet, but any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks WifiTaco

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Ummm... in what?

You really should be using your own resources. You don't learn much if we do your homework. However, finding general sources is no big deal.

Maybe. Try:

There's also a huge amount of dense and impenetrable theory on the various wireless relate IEEE web sites.

However, as near as I can recall, absolutely NOTHING written for corporate America is ever peer reviewed. The only stuff that gets peer reviewed are research papers and journals.

Most of that kind of stuff comes from eqipment manufacturers "white papers" or "customer stories". I used to write some of that stuff. There was quite a bit of editing involved, but none of it is even remotely close to an academic peer review. You'll probably find something about Starbucks on the T-Mobile web site.

IEEE-802.11 was adopted in 1999. There was a HUGE amount of research done prior to official adoption by the IEEE going back to about 1995. You might also want to dig through the patents pile for various wi-fi related technologies. Methinks you'll find quite a bit of not-so-new technology.

Find a peer and have them review your approach.

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