ccna/ccnp lab wanted


Please help me, I need CCNA/CCNP NETSIM with CCNA/CCNP LABS unlocked not the demo version. I bought some staff on ebay but it didn't work and I bought it twice from 2 diffrent people, got very goot working CBT

videos nuggets for CCNA. I know that I can buy the Labs from Boson but

can't afford it =A3170. I would buy make me an offer.

my email: o

07940792411 UK London=20

0208 249 57 04

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And then after doing all that. Someone ask did you practice on real cisco routers and switches? Here a link to real cisco lab.

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Get six full days of rack access for $29.95 US.


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Peter Fackrell

You don't need the sim if all you want to do is pass the exam. If you actually want to learn something, the controlled environment of the sim is useless. If you turn up for an interview it will quickly become obvious that you've never touched a real router.

In short, don't waste you time on the sims.

If you let us know what you bought > Guys,

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